Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard of 2009 Wrap-Up

well, E and i finally made it home after an incredibly long day. more on that later . . .

when i last left you i told you we planned to meet up with some friends for some drinks. turns out, that wasn't in the cards for us. the dc metro shut down everything that wasn't completely underground. and thus, our troubles began. basically, we were trapped. we couldn't go anywhere but pentagon or pentagon city. so, when we got up from our nap and realized we weren't really able to do anything, we took the metro one stop over to pentagon city and got a snack. i had a strawberry and chocolate crepe (yum!) and E had some popeyes chicken. we thought about doing some shopping but at 4:30pm the only store in the entire mall open was macy's. the district of columbia clearly doesn't know how to handle its snow. everything was virtually shut down. but it was pretty!

cool patterns on the roof below us - looks almost like waves

we headed back to the sheraton to warm up and decided to have some whiskey. jameson made us feel instantly better:)

see, smiling already:)

E and i were hungry again so we ordered from the (very) limited menu. we basically had 3 things to choose from. we decided on french onion soup and sharing some french fries. they turned out to be my favorite kind of fries - shoestring fries! and, let's be serious, i ate at least 2/3 of them. oh well. what's a girl to do with such limited choices.

after we filled up we headed back upstairs to watch a movie. we decided on "angels and demons." we have both read the book and thought the movie was entertaining. it was kind of nice being "snowed in." after the movie we headed back down to the hotel bar and had another drink (beer for E this time and grand marnier for me). E had another bowl of soup and i had a very unsatisfactory crème brûlée. somehow i was still hungry after that so i ordered more fries. yikes!

we headed to bed and i read a little more of julie and julia. i am trying to finish the book before i see the movie with K.

in the morning, we awoke excited to get home. the metro had other plans. all underground stops were still closed. ugh! we were seriously ready to get home! E and i headed down for some breakfast with hopes of returning to good news of metro openings. by noon, there was still no word. we starting trying to think of ways out. the problem was our car was parked at the greenbelt metro and we were stuck on the yellow line with only 3 open stops. those stops didn't allow us to get anywhere close to the greenbelt stop.

we called downstairs for a cab to greenbelt but were told only a sedan service would take us for $150. we scrapped that idea. our choices were 1) try to find another way out, or 2) stay another night. we decided we couldn't stand another night so we looked into renting a car from regan national airport. we got a fairly good deal and headed downstairs to check out and catch a hotel shuttle to the airport. we were on our way!

or so we thought . . .

on the ramp to the airport, we got stuck due to a 3 car pile-up. after 15 minutes of nothing, E and i got out of the shuttle and started walking down the ramp towards the airport. we finally made it to the airport (about a half a mile) and found another shuttle to take us to the national car rental center. we finally made it to our rental

it took us over an hour to make it the one mile from our hotel to the rental car. ugh! but again, we were on our way. we made it to the greenbelt parking lot without too much trouble and had to dig our car out of this:

ahh, good times! I-95 was smooth sailing as was 695 and we picked up the schmoops and were home finally after nearly 4 hours of traveling.

when we arrived home, guess what was waiting for us to shovel??

of course, more snow! looks like we got about 10 inches. some places more, hard to tell with the drifts.

i do have to say, it's good to be home. home, sweet, home.

one other thing, while we were struggling to find a way to get home, dignan and roxy were living it up at meadowvale. they couldn't love the snow more! they had so much fun and are currently zonked out under the tree.


tomorrow, i'm back on the cookie craze. i still have 6 more cookies to go. i better get on it!

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