Monday, December 7, 2009

Jury Duty

i have jury duty today. yuck! i guess i can't complain though because i have never had to go before. maybe that's the key to moving around so much. by the time they find me, i've already moved. which reminds me we are going on 3 years in this house. that's the longest i have lived anywhere since i left home for college in 1998. crazy. i used to get the itch to move after just a year. now, the though of packing up, moving, and unpacking again makes me want to take a nap. i guess that's a good thing considering the lovely housing market. we'll be staying put for at least a little while longer.

anyway, wow, i really get off track sometimes. today it was a hot oatmeal morning. i did my maple pecan oats with an exciting touch. i did a test run of the 2nd day of christmas cookies last night and i forgot a key step. long story short, my cookies turned out crumbly, so i put some of the crumbles on top of my oatmeal. yum!

hopefully i won't be stuck at the courthouse all day. i plan to be seen as an "unfit" juror if need be. i am hoping i'll get to leave by noontime, head to the gym, and then try another take on my 2nd cookies for the 12 days of christmas cookies. hopefully, i'll have a report later today. more cookies await my baking!

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