Monday, March 22, 2010

Refillable Water Bottle - Thermos Intak

 as i was filling up my water bottle (with filtered tap water from our fridge) this morning before i leave for wegmans and the gym, i thought of an email my uncle G sent me.
he sent a link to the food & water watch website. it's a very informative site with information on everything from food safety to water conservation to seafood guides explaining what fish is safest and sustainably caught.

if you are trying to drink more water as part of a healthy lifestyle, please, please use a refillable water bottle and help reduce waste from water bottles. and while you're at it, sign the pledge to use tap water out of a reusable container whenever possible. it's a small change you can make in your daily life that will make a huge impact. take a second to watch this video too. very insightful.

stay hydrated the right way:)

p.s. i got the above bottle (a green one for E too) from target for just $10 - it's an intak by thermos, holds 22oz of water, seals tightly enough to throw into a bag and not worry about spillage. i love it!

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