Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caramel Rice Pudding

E and i had such a good time in nyc last night.
we got into the city just about sunset and sat in a ton of traffic but finally arrived at bubble lounge. it was so great to see some old friends and L's family who i haven't seen since college graduation.

i drank plenty of bubbly and had a couple of the passed hors d'oeuvres. a mini grilled sandwich of cheese and portabella mushrooms was my favorite!

the best thing about last night was catching up with some old JMU peeps and hanging out with L:)
E and i are really excited for L & L's wedding in october. should be a great time!

on the way home, E stopped at rice to riches as promised and i ran in to grab to goods. E had raspberry and i had caramel. unfortunately, i had one too many glasses of bubbly and we stayed much longer than we thought we would so i couldn't fight the heavy eye lids on the way home. E is a saint and drove all the way home.
i am the luckiest girl for so many, many reasons! we finally pulled in the garage about 3:45am and headed straight to bed.
today, we had a nice nap and the best part, leftover caramel rice pudding. this stuff is so amazingly creamy and caramely. i just know there will be a rice to riches open 24/7 with no line in heaven!

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