Friday, March 12, 2010

Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, and Green Tea

i did spinning today for the first time in several weeks and it felt good to sweat! i'll be fitting that back into my schedule more often for sure.
for lunch, i had more of the moroccan buffalo stew. that stuff has some spice to it but it is so good! i had it with some popcorn on the side (hey, it's a whole grain:)
speaking of whole grains, i have set a new goal for myself, 3 servings of whole grain, 3 servings of fruit, 3 servings of veggies, and 1 cup of green tea a day.  i have been wanting to eat more veggies every day and i figured i needed to have a solid plan to follow. i even made a chart to keep track and keep me accountable.
mine is on the right and E's is on the left - good goals are contagious! so far so good. i don't reach the goal every day but i'm on the right path.

make your own pizza night is tonight and i'm going to load my whole wheat pocket-less pita up with veggies to get the rest of my servings.

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