Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Omega-3 Day!

today is omega-3 awareness day! i guess there is literally a day for everything. there is a website that tells you all of the "national days" and i just pick the ones i like:) except omega-3 day wasn't one there, weird.

anyway, here is some info straight from the omega-3 website:

"♥ With over 12520 scientific articles on Omega-3 and their effects on health it is clear that Omega-3's promote health in every body system.

They help prevent dementia, promote essential neural and retinal development before birth, improve mood, focus, reading and math scores in children and adults, help in depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, recovery from stroke and brain trauma. Omega-3's prevent heart disease and help decrease risk of first heart attack, cut the risk of sudden death in half, decrease risk of embolic stroke, lower triglycerides and help with hypertension, helps with Arthritis, Chrohn's disease, inflammatory conditions, all are affected by Omega-3. Omega-3's regulate the cytokine cascade and even decrease death from severe infections called sepsis. The list of scientific studies grows every day.

What is extraordinary about Omega-3 is that people can gain significant benefit by increasing their dietary Omega-3 intake by fish or high quality omega-3 supplements.

Omega-3 is a natural nutrient from food and not a drug. It is not publicized by huge campaigns that many life saving drugs have. Yet Omega-3 is life saving and life changing for our children, our families, for everyone. This is why we need to reach out and educate the world on the positive changes Omega-3's can make in everyone's lives today."

anyway, i thought that was one of the best explanation of omega-3's that i've heard. of course wikipedia is always good too. so, in honor of today, have some ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, salmon, or walnuts - your body will thank you.
so, on to our yummy dinner. i tried cooking a pork shoulder in the crock pot monday for the first time. it didn't turn out as well as the oven because it never got that wonderful crust that i like from the heat and the rub, but it was nice to throw it in there and not have to worry about it. luckily, i put the instant read meat thermometer in there though because the spice packet i used said it would take 8 hours on low. it ended up being in the crock pot for 11 hours on low until the internal temp reached 200 degrees. the pork turned out well despite the extra time. i would definitely make it again in the slow cooker due to sheer ease and no supervision needed. it was very tender and flavorful.

tonight, i made pork tacos with the pulled pork. i also made a cabbage slaw with a lime vinaigrette to go into the soft taco shell. the crunch of the slaw complimented the pork very well and i added a little drizzle of organic ville original bbq sauce.
this bbq is pretty good and it's sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar which is always a plus in my book. i know bbq sauce is a very personal thing and truthfully, i don't think i've found my favorite yet. it's fun and tasty looking though:)

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  1. Two things I recently learned about flax seeds: one, that they have to be ground up for us to digest them, two, that they can help regulate menstrual cycles if taken in the second half of the cycle (pumpkin seeds, too!).


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