Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Chicken Salad

my triceps were sore today! i'm not quite sure what exactly G had me doing yesterday that made them sore but i could feel them during every chaturanga in power yoga today. i love sore muscles!
anyway, after a nice run outside (beautiful day today!!) i was craving chicken salad for some reason. luckily, we had all the ingredients. i used greek yogurt (a great mayo substitute in dressings), lemon juice, salt, pepper, chives (that i got out of our front yard),
and a little mrs. dash garlic and herb (can you tell i love mrs. dash - she has so many great seasoning blends all without salt). after i whisked that together, i added in chopped celery, cherry tomatoes, and 1/2 the breast meat of a rotisserie chicken. stir it all together and scooped it into french endive leaves. it made for quite the pretty presentation. plus, it was healthy and a serving of veggies.
i then took E to the airport and mom and i decided to go out to dinner since we were both sans husbands for the evening. before we headed to the cheesecake factory, we picked some daffodils that had popped up around meadowvale. spring is in the air!
look at all the daffodils to come!
our loot
patiently awaiting our return
the magnolia at meadowvale about to pop!

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