Sunday, March 7, 2010

Julie & Julia

i saw julie & julia and loved it.

okay, i'm sure you aren't particularly surprised about this mostly due to the fact that i am a food blogger. but, i just saw it, last night. my wonderful mother-in-law invited both me and my mom over to see it after a wonderful dinner at christopher daniel. (i had the most fantastic, melt-in-your-mouth seared scallops with beurre blanc on heavenly truffle mashed potatoes with perfectly crispy haricot verts. i. ate. every. bite.)

but back to the wonderful movie, it was fantastic. i have read the book and while i didn't exactly picture amy adams when i read julie's writing, amy adams is just too adorable not to love. and don't even get me started on meryl streep. she was more than fantastic as julia childs. she has this wonderful way of completely becoming the character. meryl was born to play julia.

perhaps inevitably, the movie mad me reflect about my own little blog. at the moment, it's really not much more than a way for my family to keep up with what i have been cooking/doing. at times i wonder if i should really even keep doing it. of course the world would continue to revolve without my almost daily ramblings. there are some days, i just don't have anything to post. then those days pass and for some reason i need to write about a recipe. but, at times i feel like i almost need an inspiration to give my directionless little blog direction.

my mom and i joined a CSA this year and i am really excited. i am waiting with anticipation for my first pick-up (not until early june, unfortunately) to discover what locally grown, organic goodness i have to work with that week. i am excited to try new ways to cook old standby veggies and maybe even encounter a new veggie or two. the summer should find me easily meeting my 3 a day veggie goal. perhaps local produce will give me the inspiration i need . . . perhaps.

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