Friday, April 27, 2012

The Weekly Nightcap - June Martini

i found myself wandering the isles of the liquor store the other day. it was pretty much an aimless meandering. i knew i needed more gin (tangueray rangpur is my favorite - i love the lime flavor) but i was also looking for something new, something different.

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after a thorough glance, it's safe to say, there are quite a few things out there in the world of alcohol i have not tried yet. so rest assured, there will be no shortage of weekly nightcaps here at good clean fun. however, i felt like i was in a drink rut. i usually have sauvignon blanc on the weeknights and my weekend cocktails of late seem to include either lemonade or st. germain. i needed something new, something inspired.

enter June. dun duh duh dah!!

this liquor falls in the same category of st. germain. in that indescribable flavor category. the bottle says:
"ESPRIT de June is a rare liqueur crafted with ephemeral flowers from uhni-blanc, merlot, and cabernet-sauvignon ESPRIT de June provides a unique sensory explosion of berries, yellow fruits, white flowers, and flower nectar."

or right, that clears things up. um, huh?

here's how i describe it:

i kept it simple for my first June drink - a martini. have you met me? i like the martini? exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D, etc. etc.

so here is the purest of June drinks - the June Martini. expect to see more of this in the future - i'll be getting creative up in here . . . what, what?

wait, what? sorry, carry on. here's the recipe . . .

The June Martini
makes 2 drinks

4 oz vodka (i like smirnoff)
3 oz June Liqueur

combine all ingredients in a shaker. shake the heck out of it. strain into 2 martini glasses. add ice if desired (as you can see, i desired ice:)

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