Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weekly Nightcap - The Laurs 75

a couple of weeks ago i told you about my love of st. germain elderflower liquor. it also happens to be one my longest and dearest friend's favorites too. when we ate at Linwoods, she had the L75 martini featuring st. germain and we both loved it. (i may or may not have had a couple of sips of hers and loved it so much i ordered my own.)

i promised i would re-created to martini for her and i have made good on my promise Laurs. so here is my birthday gift to you sweetie - my spin on the L75, now known as the Laurs 75.

happy, happy birthday Laurs - cheers!

The Laurs 75
serves 2

4 oz st. germain
3 oz vodka
1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
lemon rind for garnish

in a shaker filled with ice, combine st. germain, vodka, and lemon juice. shake well and strain into two martini glasses. top with cold prosecco and lemon rind.

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