Friday, April 6, 2012

The Weekly Nightcap - The Giada

i am taking a break from the lemonade and st. germain (one of which seems to be in every cocktail i make lately) to tell you a little story . . .

my bff and i met giada delaurentiis last weekend at wegmans in hunt valley. it was a lot of time waiting and about 30 seconds of talking to her but i'm still glad we did it. we were actually spoiled because i was able to get VIP tickets from wegmans thus enabling us to bypass the line and taste some of her recipes from her new cookbook - weeknights with giada.

Laurs and i were lucky enough to be 4th in line and i asked her what her favorite cocktail is. she hesitated a bit and said, "you mean my current favorite?" she said she was really into tequila at the moment and loved to have some tequila poured over orange slices, muddled together with ice.

of course i had to try said concoction.

if you like tequila, you will like this drink. it's strong and it's one to sip - slowly, but it was surprisingly refreshing and crisp tasting. of course i had to come up with a name. i hope giada won't mind me naming it after her.

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so here's to you giada - may you survive your no doubt exhausting trek around the country signing books and meeting fans. as a personal chef, i have always enjoyed your shows, your recipes, your overall zest for life and obvious love of good food - cheers!

The Giada
makes 1 cocktail

1 1/2 ounces tequila
1/2 orange, sliced into rounds and halved

add orange slices and 2-3 cubes of ice to a glass. muddle orange slices and ice with a muddler or the back of a spoon. fill glass 3/4 full with ice and pour tequila over ice into glass. stir and enjoy!

side note - i ended up squeezing the juice of the rest of the orange into the drink because dang is it strong!

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