Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Pinterest - Met, Wed, Live

this is me most days:

however, not today. in an effort to actually do some of the ideas i have pinned to my pinterest boards, here is another of my project pinterest finished products.

i saw this idea (and there are many others like it out there) and wanted to do a map version of where E and i met (clarendon, va), where we got married (anna maria island, fl), and where we now live (hunt valley, md).

i just found maps on google maps and used a glue pen to write the words and sprinkled them with glitter (my favorite medium:).

Pin It

this is actually part of a larger pinterest project to do a wall of framed items. i am in the process of spray painting mismatched frames white and filling them with things that make me smile. stay tuned for the finished product.

in the meantime, why don't you follow me on pinterest and share some projects you have successfully completed after being inspired by something you have pinned.

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