Monday, February 13, 2012


today, i came home to a package at my front door. there is something so wonderful about a parcel, isn't there? especially when it's something free.

let me back up. around christmas, L told me that she sent all her calphalon pans back and that calphalon was going to honor their lifetime warranty and send her all new replacements. immediately, a light bulb went off in my head.

i have had my calphalon pans for over 7 years now. we received a set for our wedding and they have been well used. i have been careful to always use the proper utensils on them and i never put them in the dishwasher. basically, i followed the warranty directions to a "T". despite my best care efforts the non-stick surface still started to peel and wear off. of course i have heard all the horror stories about how bad the non-stick substance is once it starts peeling off i have felt weird about using them. i immediately emailed calphalon and then packed my set up (minus the lids) and sent them off to calphalon. i did have to pay for shipping but it was just $16.21. i figured that was a small price to pay if i did in fact get all new pots and pans.

3 weeks later i received an email saying calphalon had processed my warranty request and was sending 2 packages my way. truthfully, i wasn't really sure if they were sending me new pans or sending me my old pans back. they did not indicate in the email if my pot/pan problems were covered under their lifetime warranty.

sure enough when i opened the package, i had brand new items! just this simple fact makes me want to buy calphalon from now on. you can't beat their warranty. if the pans do not hold up as promised, they will replace them. of course they need to be properly cared for but you can read all about the particulars here. that means if you take proper care of your pots and pans, you should only have to buy one set for life!

i will say, in the future, i plan on buying stainless pans to avoid the non-stick debacle all together. in fact, i happen to have my eye on this beauty. but certain things, like eggs, a just easier cooked in a small, non-stick skillet.

note: calphalon did not in any way compensate me for this post. i'm sure calphalon has no idea who i am. i just wanted to give credit where credit is due. calphalon really does honor their lifetime warranty.

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