Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hamburger Cookies

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today, while the rest of the world is watching the superbowl, i feel like i should be wearing purple and still mourning the loss of my ravens. my original plan was to take a nap as a demonstration of protest (that'll show 'em, right?). but E tells me we should be social. so i will be watching the commercials at a friend's house while eating these:

i saw these on pinterest and knew i had to make them to take to the superbowl party we are attending. these hamburger cookies are cute, tasty, and perfect for the game or even an outdoor cookout in the summer. so, if you don't make these today, save the recipe and make them 5 months from now for a 4th of july party.

this "recipe" isn't really a recipe so much as an assembly line. i baked brownies in a large pan so they would be really thin, then cut them into circles for the "meat" and sandwiched them between two peanut butter cookies sprinkled with sesame seeds (before baking) for the "bun". then, i took some royal icing, added red food coloring for the "ketchup" and coconut with green food coloring for the "lettuce".

how cute are these?!?

side note: the next time i make these, i will make them slider size. the combination of the brownie, peanut butter cookie, coconut, and icing makes for a super-rich, decadent cookie. the hamburger size was a bit too much for me, so half the size would be perfect. 

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