Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foam Roller

i am about to sing the praises of the foam roller. consider yourself forewarned.
i love the foam roller. my wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband got me one for christmas after hearing me at the gym say "i wish we had a foam roller at home." of course, he gets to use the roller too, but that's beside the point. he is training for a half ironman and several other triathlons this summer/fall so it's only fair he gets to use his gift.

yesterday, we did bridge on the bender ball in yoga and i could feel at that very instant my hamstrings tighten up. i knew, just instantly knew they would be tight today. i wake up (to my adorable puppy thumping her tail against the bedroom wall), throw my feet over the edge of the bed onto the floor and my worries prove true. tight hamstrings . . .
the perfect remedy? a couple of minutes on the foam roller - excuse my pj's. (i had a wiggling yellow ball of fur on top of me as i do this, but i manage). of course, my hamstrings are still tight, the roller is not a miracle worker, but it massages the muscles right where you need it to, instantly loosening your trouble spots. i often get caught up in how good it feels that i am rolling parts that aren't even tight - hips are my favorite:)
ok, so moral of this post. foam roller = good. go buy one and feel better instantly. it's as close as i get to a daily personal masseuse.

i think E got ours at rei but they also have them at dick's sporting goods, so does amazon and target.

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