Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Thursday Things

My Thursday Latelies Video fell by the wayside mainly due to the fact that video isn't really my thing (please, don't pretend to be surprised). But I still love the idea of pointing out things I am enjoying or thankful for every week.

Thus "Three Thursday Things" came about and was named mostly because I love alliteration. 

It's hard to believe its December already - the most wonderful time of the year. Because Thanksgiving was so early this year, we are left with more than a month to enjoy the Christmas season. Two things I am enjoying this week are all holiday related.

A box of Harry and David pears (a family tradition) ripening on the counter (tastes like Christmas to me)

My favorite candle to burn in December makes the house smell like it's full of freshly cut evergreens (Fresh Balsam - Bath and Body Works)

The final thing is hard earned. The reclaimed wood floors are finally down in our sunroom. Phase one of four is complete. Sanding, polyurethane, and molding still to come as well as the whole rundown of laying the floors.

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