Friday, December 7, 2012

The Weekly Nightcap - The Holiday Party

For the past eight years, E and I have been attending his company holiday party. It has changed over the years for sure. Co-workers have come and gone. The parties have included everything from full dinner, to just cookies, big gift giveaways and hot drunk messes. One thing that never changes? A full bar.

That's pretty much a requirement for corporate parties, right? Perhaps the most fun I ever had was two years ago. The scene had changed from swanky downtown Baltimore hotels, to Aberdeen, and back to Baltimore again. Many of the "young crowd" of employees we were friends with weren't going to be there. We were basically just planning on making an appearance. Say "hi", have a drink or two and then be on our way. Then we run into our friends at the bar and I order an Ameretto. He mentioned if I like whiskey (um, of course!) he recommends Amaretto and Crown Royal instead.

Not only did the party turn out better than we ever expected (low expectations almost always pays off) but I found a new favorite cocktail. This now always reminds me of our friends, the holidays and the grand time we had at what would have been an otherwise forgettable party.

I will mention, don't drink these mindlessly. It may just taste like sweet Amaretto, but it is half Whiskey. I may or may not have had one too many that night and our night may or may not have included a long cab ride back to Hunt Valley:)

Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Party
makes 1 drink

1 oz Ameretto
1 oz Crown Royal

Pour over ice and stir to combine. You'll have a happy holiday indeed!

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