Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

losing an hour of sleep is never easy. considering i am addicted to sleep and enjoy naps and 9 hour night sleeps on a regular basis, an hour should be no big deal but it is.

however, i am focusing on being positive so i will continue to celebrate our extra hour of light in the evenings instead of focusing lack of sleep. E and i enjoyed our drinks and dinner on the deck last night as well as some much needed yard work and clean-up.

thanks to the warmer weather and impending arrival of spring, there are some other things to look forward to in the very near future . . .

a garden full of vegetables!

our family garden is expanding this year

look at all of the rich, dark, nutrient-dense soil

i cannot wait to enjoy the first batch of garlic scapes and spinach!

as soon as spring arrives, the opening of the pool will be right around the corner. for now, i'll sit with my flip flops propped up on warm sunny days and pretend its sparkling blue water instead of the pool cover. sipping a fruity cocktail doesn't hurt either.

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