Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Navigation

psst . . . i added something new to GoodCleanFun!

look up towards the top of the page (right under the header) and you'll see some tabs. "home" and "about PW" have been there for a while but the other two are new.

Appetite Adventure - Baltimore Restaurant Reviews is where you can find out my current status as i eat my way through baltimore. that tab will take you to one place to find reviews on the restaurants i have been to, and ones that are coming soon. check it out! (p.s. if you are viewing this in google reader, click here.)

Weekly Nightcap Cocktails is a round-up of all GoodCleanFun's cocktails. it's just an easy way to find yummy drinks categorized by main ingredient. (check it out here.)

hopefully that makes navigating a little easier.

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