Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Nails

in the video on thursday, i told you about this new sparkly nail polish i recently got from sephora.* here is my first foray into my glitter and sparkle four piece set.

the base is OPI's bogota blackberry. then i put sephora by OPI's spark-tacular! on my ring fingers.

the spark-tacular has small silver sparkles as well as mulit-color larger glitter pieces. look closely, you can see pink, red, orange, blue, and green pieces.

it's really fun and gives my nails a little something extra with the sparkles - perfect for the holidays!

in case you are curious, the set of four includes:
only gold for me, be-claus i said so, are you glistenin'?, and spark-tacular

you can find it here. and by the way, how fun are those names? i want the naming nail polish job.

* the above are my own opinions. i paid for the nail polish. neither sephora nor opi have anything to do with good clean fun. in fact, i am very sure they have no idea who i am. i just love sparkles.

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