Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas - Date 8

on the eighth day of christmas, E gave to me, dinner and CPK and a target shopping spree

california pizza kitchen is our go-to local place when we are hungry, don't have much in the house, but don't know what we want to eat. cpk has so many options we both are bound to find something we want to eat. after dinner by the (most certainly) gas powered oven, we headed to target.

our initial focus was a christmas gift for our nephew but a twist was added. E and i both had to find a gift for the other in target for $10.

we arrived home and placed our target treasures under the tree.

i got E some gum (this is mainly a selfish because i always want gum when i'm in his car and he always has an empty pack - such a tease) and an anchorman themed t-shirt.

E got me some super soft, fuzzy blue socks and a box of cookies. well done, i can be cozy and eat dessert, he knows me well:)

now, if you need me, i'll be enjoying my turquoise socks with a glass of wine.

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