Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas - Date 9

on the ninth date of christmas, E gave to me, noodles and korean kimchee

E took me to his favorite korean place near his office for a lunch date. i have heard about this place many a time - literally called korean restaurant. it looks like a hole in the wall but inside, korean women are cooking up a storm. i have wanted to eat there for a while but they are only open on weekdays so we haven't been able to make it work but yesterday, we did.

i felt like i was being let in on a secret. this food was excellent.

we started out with a plate of kimchee, spicy cucumbers, and a third yummy but unidentifiable dish (carrots and something?). we both ordered beef ramen (E's favorite) and each came with 5 yaki mandu and a dipping sauce - both excellent!

the beef ramen was pretty good too - very hot - but it lacked a bit of flavor. i added some soy sauce and the remainder of the yaki mandu dipping sauce and it was pretty good. let's just say i managed to do some serious damage to this enormous bowl.

when E went up to pay, he was handed 2 whoopie pies and candy canes.

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