Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye Christmas

taking down christmas decorations is always kind of sad for me. not only does it signify the end of the holiday season, but lack of decorations makes the house seem empty. the huge pile of pine needles where the tree once was doesn't help much either.

this is the reason i specifically put up some "winter" decorations. there are some things that aren't christmas specific and mostly just winter themed. i figure these i can keep up for a while to ease myself out of christmas.

that's right, i'm keeping the snowflakes in the kitchen window, the glitter pinecones,

the snow trees,

and even the greens on the sunroom mantle with the gold pinecones and snowflakes.

i may even keep the greens in champagne glasses on the dining room table (minus the green christmas balls of course).

so, goodbye christmas, come on snow!

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