Monday, January 23, 2012

12 Resolutions in 2012 Project

whenever i hear advice about how to be happy in your career, it inevitably includes something along the lines of "find something you love to do and make it your career."

i may be among the "lucky" ones who has indeed found something i like to do and i have managed to find a way to make money doing it. for those that don't know, it's cooking. my day job is being a personal chef.

however, i would argue that when you make something you love to do your job, it somehow becomes a little less fun to do. it begins to feel like work. 99% of the time i love my job but 1% of the time i think i can't possibly put different food groups together and form a meal. i lack creativity and am certain i couldn't come up with a new recipe if someone had a gun to my head (thankfully, that's not how this profession works). i will say there are other times when ideas are plentiful and i have to write things down to makes sure i don't forget.

the problem with my line of work is when i come home from a day of cooking, my husband and i still need to eat. therefore, i get to cook/work some more. perhaps this is why i truly love vacations because when i go away, i cannot cook (even if i wanted to). i truly get time off.

i hope this isn't coming off as complaining, there are many, many jobs out there much harder than mine and i can only imagine some occupations are truly never-ending (hello parenthood) but i feel as though i am going through a drought in the ideas department. it seems this happens to me after the holidays. during november and december i have reason after reason to be cooking, baking, experimenting, and menu planning (some obvious examples include thanksgiving, holiday parties, and christmas cookies). but now winter sets in both literally and figuratively.

so, finally, i get around to my point. (i know, it's taken me a while, right? i may have even lost some people to far more interesting things like Facebook, watching tv, or cleaning the bathroom.) i have devised a plan to give me a little incentive or kick-in-the-rear for the new year. instead of a new years resolution, i have decided to pick something every month that i have always wanted to make and never have - for whatever reason. some things may be because they are too labor intensive (a big turn off in the kitchen for me), too time-consuming, too scary (macaroons come to mind for this one, i must add it to my list), or too expensive to make.

so this is my plan for 2012 - call it a resolution if you will - cook/bake/create one thing every month that is outside of my comfort level. january's challenge is coming up this week. but, just so you know, i'll take requests too. let me know what you have wanted to make but never have - i'd love to hear from you!

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