Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

we have a new addition to our kitchen.

i have been looking at this massive blank wall in our kitchen since we moved in. it didn't take me long to decide i wanted to paint a chalkboard on it. it did, however, take me a while to actually paint it.

in typical me style, i decided to start it mid-december on a evening we still didn't have heat finish it the next day while mom and i were baking dozens of cookies. i just finally decided i was tired of looking at the blank wall.

i slapped some frog tape up and started painting. the thing is, i decided to paint magnetic paint on first so it would be both a chalk board and a place we could put pictures. i shook the magnetic paint really well (as in a good 4 minutes) and started painting. 2 coats later (the recommended amount), i could barely get a magnet to stick let alone hold up a picture or a piece of paper. after another coat, i discovered a thick gooey layer of goop at the bottom of the paint can. turns out, i was actually supposed to stir the paint really well not just shake it. oops. one super thick coat later, we were is business. the surface was a little rough, but magnets would stick!

i finished with a 2 thin coats of chalkboard paint and waited to allotted 3 days. truth-be-told, i waited almost 5 days because things got busy. but finally, i followed the directions and covered the entire surface with chalk.

i rubbed it in and then erased it.

apparently, this "primes" the chalkboard paint so it is easier to erase.

so here is the finished product - and i am in love. my plan is to use it for notes and grocery lists. added bonus? E loves it too!

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