Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Favorites

i can't be with my mom or my mother-in-law today but i still wanted to honor them. here is a quick summary of their favorites. you may just find yourself adding these to your list of favorites.

my mother is a sucker for chocolate. perhaps her all-time favorite is this fudge tart. it is to die for.

being a bit of a breakfast hater, it warmed my heart to know she went crazy for my vanilla bean scones. in fact, that reminds me she has been hinting she needs another batch for some time now. i better get on that!

being irish (her maiden name is mcsweeny) my MIL loves her irish fare. she always orders the ruben sandwich at a nearby local deli. this past st. paddy's day we enjoyed bangers and mash together.

of course, i can't leave out the irish car bomb cupcakes. i now even have a special memory or her doing an actual irish car bomb:)

as fate would have it, i discovered this past christmas they both love chocolate pecan turtle brittle. but who wouldn't love sugary pecans smothered in chocolate? i know i'm crazy about it too.

mom - what on earth would i do without you? there is no way to thank you for everything you have done for me but your unconditional love stands out the most. i am forever grateful for the friendship we now have. i can never say "i love you" enough.

M - for whatever reason, i have been ridiculously blessed with a fabulous mother-in-law. believe me, i know this is nothing short of a miracle. i am thankful for your kind, sweet, giving heart, our fun times in the kitchen together, and your ability to raise a sweet red-headed boy into an amazingly strong, independent, loving man.

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