Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Motivation

it definitely feels like fall today. i love this kind of weather during the days. it's sunny yet cool and crisp. but in the morning it's hard to get out of bed. i want to stay tucked and snuggled under the covers. it's also getting darker earlier and i find it easier to make excuses to not go to the gym. i don't always feel like exercising, but i never regret doing it when i finish and i always feel energized and instantly better about myself after.

there are a couple of things i do to motivate myself to get there. i love comfy gym pants. it may sound a little crazy but i get so excited when i find a new pair of exercise capris or pants that are comfortable and somehow manage to look cute at the same time. i'm not saying to go out a buy new clothes every time you need motivation to go to exercise, but having a couple of comfortable items you feel good in will make you feel better about yourself and dread getting out there a little less. i found a super comfortable pair of under armour (yay for baltimore-based companies) capris this summer. i lived in them! when i went the sports authority the other day, i saw the exact same style but i a long pant and i was trilled! i wore them for the first time today to my training session and was excited to put them on. i know, it's the little things in life. if you are interested they can be found here http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/womens/apparel/bottoms/pants/pid1204484-Women-s-UA-TNP-Pant/1204484-080

the other trick i have is that i put on my gym clothes in the morning. that way, when i finish cooking i can come home, eat, and head to the gym. i have no excuse not to go, i'm already dressed and ready. plus, i would feel really badly if i was dressed to exercise and just never did it. how lazy am i? now, i realize this isn't possible for everyone. i have the luxury of being able to wear anything to work. however, you can still use this trick. as soon as you get home from work, change into your gym clothes. go about doing what you need to do before you exercise, but you will be more likely to go if you are already dressed. if you usually go in the morning, lay your exercise clothes out by your bed so you can put them on as soon as you wake up before you can change your mind.

p.s. roxy gets so excited whenever she hears the camera clicking noise when i take a picture, so here is an action shot of her getting up to wiggle. how cute is she?

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