Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fair Food

this week has been an excellent example of how good clean eating is for me. i have been working at the state fair all week and have not been eating well. it is very hard there. everything is fried - hello fried oreos! i even managed to consume 3 smaller versions of the above pictured peach sundae. the first could of days i was pretty good. i packed some lettuce to make salad and had clean snacks to take with me (2% string cheese, clean cream cheese cookies, pistachios, apples, etc.)

anyway, long story short, i fell off the wagon and i could feel it. my body feels badly when  eat poorly. it seems clear that you are what you eat.

stay tuned for me back on the wagon this week! i'll be trying some new recipes too. i'm looking forward to it. now, off for some recovery sleep. 4 straight days of 10+ hour days has taken its toll.


  1. Hi Page! I love your blog! 2 ?s
    1. What is your feeling about substituting honey for sugar in recipes?
    2. By pastry whole wheat flour do you mean the white whole wheat flour?
    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration and I love you. A.Charlene

  2. thanks for the questions! i think substituting honey for sugar is a great idea! i almost always substitute agave nectar for sugar in recipes. have you heard of it? it looks very similar to honey and is low on the glycemic index like honey is.
    see if you can find whole wheat pastry flour. if you have a organic section in your grocery store, it is usually there. it is different than white whole wheat flour. it is a finer texture and it think it works much better in baking than white whole wheat because sometimes that can be too grainy.
    thanks for following - i love you too:)
    see you in october!


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