Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Progress

we have been in our new (old) house for 11 months now and have done some serious work on it so far. however, the frustrating thing is that most of the changes we have made are those you don't really see (i.e. new roof, hot water heater, well pump, etc.).

that has all changed as of last month. thanks to my wonderful brother and sister-in-law, we have some changes we can actually see. we now have a beautifully painted upstairs and a newly re-stoned front walk. (it is important to note that my dad helped on the walk and my wonderful mother watched our nieces so amanda could actually get some painting done.)

i am so excited about the changes i wanted to share them with you. my hands down favorite are the stripes in the hall and our master bedroom. check it out! (please note the before pictures are the day we moved in)

hallway before:

hallway after:

office before:

office after:

guest bath before:

guest bath after:

master hallway before:

master hallway after:

master bedroom before:
my new favorite room in the house. obviously replacing the nasty carpet with wood floors helped but i love the color of the room. it makes me smile every time i walk in there. i love how the walls are almost a perfect match to our rug.

master bedroom after:

front walkway before:

front walkway after:

thank you, thank you to Wayne, Amanda, Dad, Mom, and Ian for all your hard work and for making our house a little more like home!

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