Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CSA Salad

here is my eternal, everyday question - what should i have for lunch? it's not enough that i have to plan dinners every night but having to plan lunches sends me over the edge some days. but today, ahhhhhaahaa (heavenly music) i had the most amazing salad. it was almost literally everything but the kitchen sink - a great way to use up some leftovers and try out some of my new CSA finds.
this week was my second CSA pick-up at my local farmer's market at kenilworth. one straw farm has some wonderful greens. i had salad on the brain so i picked up some things that would make a wonderful accompaniment to dinners for the week and lunches too!

i still have some spinach and onions from last week and this week i picked up
summer crisp (never had this before),
and radishes. the salad started with chopped greens including romaine, summer crisp, arugula, and spinach.
i washed a chopped up a whole bunch of this so i can just grab some for my salads for the week. (if you wash and dry the greens really well and store in an airtight container lined with paper towels or one of the green bags they should stay good for a couple of days.) then came the "everything but the kitchen sink" part. i made a quick balsamic vinaigrette and to the greens combination. i sliced 2 radishes, added some leftover lime pork, feta cheese, raw pecans, and 1/2 an apple chopped that E had left behind this morning.
it was so delicious! i couldn't get enough of it. it tasted so fresh and summery. i just love the peppery arugula with the creamy feta and the crunch from the apples and pecans.
sometimes the salad is under-rated. look in your fridge, i bet you have some things that would taste great thrown onto a bed of fresh, local, organic greens.

so tell me, what are your favorite salad combinations??

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