Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Latelies - Photos

i don't have a video for you all today but there are some things i have been enjoying this week and i wanted to share them with you. so here is my photo version of thursday latelies this week.

my peonies are starting to bloom and i can't get enough of them. i am lucky enough to have white ones, light pink one, and dark pink too. every morning i cut some more.

i have been spending some extra time loving my doggies this week. i can't get enough of them and they need the extra attention after spending almost three weeks sharing E and i with my parents dogs.

i hardly ever have bread but i couldn't resist this seven grain sourdough at wegmans today. it was fresh out of the oven and i enjoyed a piece tonight with some sweet butter. perfectly crispy and chewy, just the way i like it.

finally, the weather has been so nice we have enjoyed just having the windows open. today was amazingly gorgeous - in the 70's and no humidity. there is nothing like a fresh breeze blowing through the house! (extra bonus, i can see these white peonies while i wash the dishes.)

happy thursday everyone!


  1. Your peonies are gorgeous! I want to plant some in my yard someday. Any tips for taking care of them?

    1. luckily peonies are very hardy and don't require a lot of care (which is probably the reason i haven't killed them yet). my only advice is plant them now. they take several seasons to really bloom and flourish. keep them watered if it gets really dry where you live. like i said, they are very easy to care for and will give you years of beautiful blooms - they are my favorite part of spring!


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