Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breakfast Bacon and Egg Stack

greek yogurt with fresh fruit is my usual weekday breakfast. it's quick and easy, packed with protein and keeps me full for a surprisingly long time. i can change it up as fruit in season changes (fresh, juicy peaches in july and august are my favorite) but i can almost always get raspberries and blueberries.

i love that breakfast and rarely tire of it. however, saturday mornings i want something a little different. something that tastes like the weekend. while i love pancakes, i am also a bacon girl through and through. (plus, sometimes pancakes make me feel sleepy and threaten to send me right back to bed for a nap rather than a productive saturday morning. i also find myself hungry an hour after pancakes.)

this breakfast stack is the prefect weekend breakfast because it's filling, contains bacon, is full of protein, tastes decadent, contains bacon, yet it surprisingly easy to make. did i mention it contains bacon? i recently discovered wegmans seven grain sourdough bread and can't get enough of it. it still has that distinct sourdough taste yet is made with whole wheat flour and other crunchy grains.

when i wake up, i preheat the oven and lay out the bacon. by the time i have fed the dogs, the oven is ready and i pop the baking sheet in. 20 minutes later (just enough time for a cup of coffee and some today show) and the bacon is ready.

by the time the toast is finished toasting, i have fried two eggs (one for E, one for me) and breakfast is ready to assemble. i recently found this spreadable cheddar from cabot and picked some up not really knowing what i would do with it. turns out, it is perfect to spread on warm, toasty bread. top the cheesy bread with the bacon and the egg and your breakfast stack is ready to enjoy!

of course you could make this anyway you like it. you could use spinach or tomatoes instead of bacon (or prosciutto too), any kind of cheese you like and your egg anyway you like it. i have used fried, poached, and scrambled eggs all with success.

i suggest you make this breakfast stack for your family this weekend. they will happily come to the table - they may even offer to help with the dishes after this meal:)

Breakfast Bacon and Egg Stack
serves 2

4 slices bacon
2 slices bread
2 tbs spreadable cheddar cheese
2 eggs
salt and pepper

preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

line baking sheet with foil and line bacon up making sure they are not touching. bake for 15-25 minutes depending on how you like your bacon cooked (mine has to be crispy). 

toast bread and spread each with 1 tbs cheese. cook egg as desired. lay 2 slices of bacon on toast spread with cheese and lay cooked egg on top of bacon. sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

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