Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nutella Mousse - Remixed

i hate when i am wrong. so it probably goes without saying i don't like admitting when i am wrong either.

well, hang on to your hats my friends . . . "i was wrong."

you may remember a post about nutella mousse a little while back. that post has proved to be one of my most viewed posts of all time. apparently i am not the only one out there obsessed with nutella. come on, i eat the stuff out of the jar with a spoon for crying out loud.

people left comments about how good it sounded. but one commenter pointed out that perhaps i shouldn't have left out the espresso in the recipe.

beachcomber25 said...
That mousse does look really good. However i noticed that you said that you didn't want to mask the chocolate hazelnut flavor with espresso actually according to Ina Garten from food networks barefoot contessa when you add coffee to chocolate you don't actually taste the coffee or the espresso in this case it just enhances the chocolate flavor so the next time you make this nutella mouse you might want to think about skipping the liquor and going with the espresso.

hmmm, interesting point beachcomber25! seeing as i am not above good advice, i decided to try the mousse again (yes, i suffered throw another torturous taste testing batch of nutella mousse!) but this time included the espresso. so let me say, i was wrong for leaving out the espresso. how could i not have remembered ina's advice that i have heard myself before too.

so, take note everyone. if you haven't made this mousse yet, what are you waiting for? make it, and be sure to include the espresso, it definitely brings out the chocolate hazelnut flavor and it doesn't taste too much like coffee either. and, if you have already made this recipe, what are you waiting for? make it again! i did and it won't be the last time either.

Nutella Mousse
serves 4 

1 cup cold heavy cream
1 tsp espresso powder
2 tbs frangelico liquor
3/4 cup nutella

whisk together cream and espresso powder until dissolved. combine all ingredients in the bowl of an electric mixer. whisk well to break up nutella. whip with electric mixer for 2 minutes on medium-high until soft peaks form. divide into 4 bowls and chill in fridge for at least 2 hours.

keep refrigerated until ready to serve. dollop with whipped cream and berries if desired.

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  1. From time to time I have the unique opportunity to be the "unofficial taste tester" for a certain blogger. Let me tell you, this is really really good. Give it a try.


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