Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Big Egg Question

there have been quite a few reports about eggs recently leaving people with lots of questions. can i still eat eggs? are they safe? where do you get your eggs? are the eggs you are using in my food good?
it seems that this salmonella outbreak is only in large egg farms. i personally get all of my eggs from a local farm with 24 chickens. they are free range chickens that live a very happy, antibiotic-free, comfortable life. how do i know this? i know the owner personally. she lovingly cares for "her ladies" as she calls them as well and eugenue and harry, the 2 roosters (in separate chicken yards of course).
this woman also happens to be my mother. yes, i have an advantage having a family member raise chickens but you too can have a personal relationship with your local farmer. i highly recommend buying your eggs (and most all of your produce for that matter) from local farmers. go to your local farmers market and shake the hand of the person that grows what you eat. if you don't have a local farmers market, look for actual local farms in your area and ask them if you can buy directly from them.
something happens when you establish a relationship with the person who is in charge of what you put into your body. you become directly attached and realize you enjoy being involved in the process. you can ask the farmer questions and get honest answers. try calling up perdue and getting that kind of customer service.
bottom line, if you buy your eggs from a small local farmer, you can go and visit the chickens, see the environment in which they live, and ask that farmer questions about current issues. you will feel better and your food will taste better.


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