Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Project Pinterest - Antlers Jewlery Holder

remember when i started the pinterest project? you know the one where i documented my progress of carrying out some of my "pinned" ideas? yeah, i barely remember too - it's been that long.

well i'm back on the project pinterest wagon! i attribute it to the cooler weather and the start of fall. it seems to have lit a fire under my rear and i want to get stuff done.

i have been on a bit of an accessories binge lately. there are so many great deals, steals, and super sales around that i have been scooping up bracelets, necklaces, and rings left and right. i find accessories are a great way to update your closet without spending a ton.

of course, the compulsive organizer in me needs to display and organize these things. i showed you my jewelry display methods a while back but i needed some more necklace storage space. i decided to combine form and function and incorporate antlers (a big fall decorating trend) into my storage methods.

i originally found the idea on neha made and pinned it to my master bedroom ideas board. i found the antlers on z gallerie and i think it gives my dressing room a little touch of whimsey along with some additional much needed necklace storage space.

original inspiration pin:

my execution:

the upside is now i have room for even more necklaces!

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