Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Latelies - Introducing Harper

i haven't done a thursday latelies in a long time. but this week, i have something i am thankful for and enjoying. in fact, this one thing has been taking up much of my time this week (thus the lack of recipe posts). those of you who follow me on twitter, instagram, or facebook already know this, but we have a new addition to our family.

i'd like to introduce you to Harper!

we adopted him from an animal rescue in west virginia (pigs sanctuary - a wonderful place that adopts all kinds of animals). he is 10 weeks old today and making the adjustment into the wasti family quite well.

roxy is slowly started to accept that he is sticking around and even agreed to play with him a little bit today.

he is by no means a replacement for our beloved dignan, but we have managed to find room in our hearts to love this cute little bundle of energy. turns out he was born the same week we lost dignan and we like to think he has a little of dignan's wonderful spirit in him.

we are thankful he is fairly laid-back (for a puppy) and loves to sleep and snuggle as much as he loves to play.

i promise to keep all my photos of this crazy cute puppy contained to instagram and twitter, but i wanted to introduce him to all of you. happy thursday!


  1. I am almost certain that he is smiling in that first photo. He is one lucky dog to live in the Wasti's home. One lucky dog indeed! ;-)

  2. What a cute pet! I am very glad to see a Harper. After watching him I am become a fan of him and loving him too much.

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