Friday, October 28, 2011

Food for thought

i have been looking for inspiration lately. i have been looking for clarity. i have decided to quit blogging 7 times in the past 2 months. but something keeps bringing me back. something makes me physically incapable of thowing in the towel altogether. my regular readers may have noticed i have dropped off the rader a bit the past 3 months. life has changed, circumstances have changed, our location has changed, and it's safe to say, i have changed.

so, i have decided to embrace the change and i hope you will too. so expect some changes for good clean fun in the future. i hope all the changes are good. let's just say the most important change is more frequent posts. there will be the continued recipe posts but change is in the air. you may see some inspiration posts, some favorite things posts, life's pleasures posts, and maybe even some home improvement posts. besides cooking, our "new" old house is taking up the majority of my time and is becoming a bit of a passion.

this blog is going to be a bit more fully "me". not just the personal-chef-who-loves-to-experiment-in-the-kitchen-and-put-healthy-spin-on-things me. my life's great pleasures are now fair game.

look out. change is here. i hope you'll stick around, give me feedback (don't be afraid to leave comments!) and we can share the table of life together.

1 comment:

  1. I'm thrilled you aren't throwing in the towel and I think it's great you're revamping the blog...embrace the change :)xoxo


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