Friday, November 5, 2010

Confession - Pumpkin Parfait

i have a confession - i don't love pumpkin.
are you still reading? it seems like everyone in the food blog world is head over tincups about pumpkin. some go on and on about stocking up on libby's pumpkin cans and put the stuff in everything. i have tried pumpkin overnight oaks, bleck. pumpkin pie - eh. the choice on thanksgiving between apple and pumpkin pie always goes to apple. (i have a kick ass apple pie recipe by the way that i plan to share later this month.)

anyway, back to pumpkin. i keep trying it hoping i will find a recipe i love. i do love a good pumpkin whoopie pie or a fantastic pumpkin cake (with lots of whipped cream) but i have yet to find a breakfast version of pumpkin that i liked. enter mrs. how sweet of how sweet it is.

she did a post (on my birthday no less - it must be fate) about pumpkin pie quinoa parfaits. i was skeptical at first but i had some leftover quinoa on hand so i tried it. it was amazing! the crunchiness from the pecans and graham crackers was just what the pumpkin yogurt needed. i added some maple syrup to the greek yogurt and pumpkin mix to add some sweetness, but other than that, i followed her recipe.

i'm not one to do a re-post so to speak, but given the circumstances i thought it was worth it. whether you are a pumpkin lover or a pumpkin skeptic, you should check it out. for real.


  1. Lovely. I was fairly meh about pumpkin for a looong time. Gradually I'm working it back into goodies though. ;)

  2. I hate pumpkin but I am sure you know what you are talking about...I am going to trust you with this one and try it...


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