Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday T-Shirt Giveaway

to celebrate my 30th(!) birthday this week, i am doing a giveaway. that's right, my birthday, you get something free. great how that works huh?

ok, if you really want to give me something, you can give me your vote for foodbuzz's project food blog here. thanks!

ok, so back to the giveaway . . . DAHlicious lassi contacted me a while back and wanted me to try their yogurt drinks. i did. i like them. i asked for some coupons for you all. they sent lots of coupons and some super cute t-shirts for my readers.
DAHlicious lassi offers 4 different yogurt smoothie flavors - strawberry, mango, blueberry, and banana. these indian-style yogurt drinks are a blend of indian-style yogurt and pure fruit and are proven to help boost immunity, promote digestive health, and help support healthy cholesterol.
some flavors have a little added sugar, but the banana flavor has zero added sugar.
i tried some straight out of the bottle (yummy) and some in my favorite strawberry-banana-spinach smoothie. it added just enough sweetness and creaminess to my smoothie. very yummy.
i will choose 4 winners on thursday, october 14th at 5pm est. each winner will get a t-shirt and five $1.00 off DAHlicious lassi coupons. i have 2 white t-shirts and 2 brown t-shirts. 3 are size medium and 1 is a large. (note: they seem to run a little small - i am usually a small but the medium fits me perfectly.) be forewarned, winners t-shirts will be chosen at random!
to enter the free giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling me the ingredients in your favorite smoothie. my favorite has to be strawberries, bananas, vanilla dessert protein powder, oj, and a huge handful of spinach. yum! be sure to include your email address so i can contact you if you win.

good luck!


  1. raspberries, banana, greens powder, protein powder, spinach, small spoon peanut butter and almond milk!

  2. My favorite ingredients for a shake is chocolate protein powder, skim milk, ice, sugar free caramel, and peanutbutter!! Yummy!!

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  4. strawberries, plain non-fat yogurt and a touch of pure maple syrup
    eugeniewu at gmail dot com

  5. Peaches, banana and plain yogurt.

  6. Hi! Mine would be strawberries,bananas,and a little bit of honey. :)

    Excellent giveaway!

  7. btw, i found these lassi's at Mom's (jessup, md) store. Delicious. Wouldn't mind the coupons...

  8. Mmm, my favorite smoothie is vanilla protein, spinach, blueberries.

    those shirts are CUTE !!

  9. i love a frozen banana, a big dollop of almond butter topped off with a big handful of baby spiniach and some almond milk! Sounds weird but so delish and I feel virtuous for drinking it!

    BTW - my friend found your blog and we LOVED your luxury dinner party... excactly what I imagined when I read the challenge! :) excited to start reading your blog regularly!

  10. Peaches, bananas, blueberries, vanilla yogurt, little big of oj.

    urchiken at gmail dot com


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