Friday, September 10, 2010

The Shady Islander

i have been absent all week because of a super annoying summer cold. aren't those the worst? especially now when the weather is so wonderful here in the mid-atlantic. it's been in the mid-seventies during the day and actually a little chilly at night.
i have had this weekend to look forward to though. N, is up from miami for our friend L's bachelorette party in atlantic city. we decided a cocktail was in order to accompany our cheese, crackers, and guacamole.
i don't usually post drink recipes, but this one was so good, i had to share it with you all.  it's a perfect summer cocktail - fruity and refreshing. while sitting outside on our patio, drink in hand and breeze in the trees it felt almost like we were on a tropical island. i recommend you make this and celebrate the last weeks of summer.
someone gave us this bottle of blackcurrent liqueur at one of our summer solstice parties and i haven't quite known what to do with it. the recipe was on the back of the bottle - how easy is that?! E and N named it the shady islander because it looks a bit like a dark and stormy but tastes fruitier and more sinister. 

The Shady Islander
(makes 2 drinks)

2 oz blackcurrent liqueur
4 oz dark rum
4 oz pineapple juice

shake well and serve over ice.

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