Thursday, May 13, 2010

Memphis BBQ

i have been experiencing the joys of driving cross country this past week and thus, my absence. let me tell you that i have seen the entire width of oklahoma and tennessee for that matter. we do have a beautiful country full of good food.
i have two places in particular to tell you about. the first was quite possibly my favorite of the trip Payne's BBQ in memphis, tn. (the second will be detailed in a future post). the reviews i found online for Payne's were spot on as this was some of the best pork bbq to pass these lips. Payne's is run by Flora and her son and is open tuesday-saurday for lunch and dinner. the building is a little hard on the eyes, it's not much outside or in. but the bbq more than makes up for its very basic, converted garage, curb appeal.
i ordered the chopped pork sandwich with the slaw and medium sauce served on top of the pork. at first glance i have my concerns because the slaw was almost a neon yellow color from what i can only assume is yellow mustard. it only took one bite to calm my worries and let me taste buds enjoy their treat. the medium bbq sauce had just the right amount of spice and tang and the pork was super-tender with the charred pieces mixed in from the sides and ends of the slow cooked meat.
my brother and travel partner, W had the smoked sausage with slaw and mild sauce on top. the sausage was good but we both agreed i had the better order. lucky for W i shared like a good sister.
overall, it was heavenly and earned every high rating and positive review. Payne's has come to be somewhat of an institution in memphis and if you are ever driving through, it's worth the stop. food and wine, travel and leisure, and chowhound.

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