Monday, August 31, 2009

Summertime Goodness

today could not have been a better day. august 31st in baltimore and i needed a hoodie when i went to wegmans today. i love it. i opened all the windows and let the breeze on in. the high today was 74! i wish this weather would last through october. i celebrated with a good cold beer this evening. my favorite - kona's wailua wheat.

E travels a lot for work. in 2007-2008, he traveled more than a lot. poor thing had to go to hawaii, guam, and other pacific islands a ton. good news for me is that i got to go to hawaii 3 times in 2 years:)
anyway, while in maui we did the road to hana. its this really cool, super windy coast line road that goes from all the way from kahului to hana (known as the land that time forgot).  anyway, it is an incredible drive (see photo on right). when we finally got to hana (numerous roadside waterfalls later) we had an incredible lunch along with a wailua wheat. it was most likely largely the atmosphere that made it taste so amazing, but ever since then, we have been trying to find it "on the mainland". finally after months of searching we found it at the perfect pour in columbia, md. yay! anyway, that was my "cheat" for the day. i enjoyed every sip.

for dinner it was back on track with a clean meal. grilled coho salmon (with s&p), quinoa (with lime juice, olive oil, s&p) and field greens with carrots, tomatoes from the garden, red onion, cucumber, and a vinagrette. so easy, yet so good!

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