Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

in my book, fall doesn't really begin until october 1st. so, happy fall everyone!

if i'm really honest, one of the reasons i love autumn so much is because it contains my birthday month. just when i am seeing boots i have to have or cozy sweaters i can't live without, i can justify buying a couple of things because it's my birthday present to myself.

here are a couple of things i have on my wish list for fall/my bday!

i have had my eye on this fox ring for quite some time now. i have always had a bit of a thing for foxes, and this ring fits the bill without being "too much."

i have had these frye boots in my shopping cart on zappos for over a year. i love the weathered grey leather that probably only gets better with time. i haven't brought myself to click checkout (could be the $348 price tag) but i feel like i am meant to have these - they are called the paige riding boot. it's meant to be, right? if anyone happens to have an extra pair of these in a size 10 laying around, send them my way please!

i couldn't put together a fall wish list without a cozy sweater. i am digging the zipper detail as well as the fact that this looks long enough to cover my bum - perfect with black leggings and the above grey boots, no?

i pinned this anthropologie watch early in the summer when mint was all the craze. but i still think it would be great for fall. grey skinny jeans, a black and white polka dot sweater, a fun scarf, and this watch would be super cute. several gold bracelets would be great with this watch too.

i have been searching for the perfect down jacket for years. nothing too puffy, a high enough neck to keep me warm, and no elastic waistband. this one fits the bill. of course lululemon would nail it!
isn't this just the most clever thing you have ever seen? this apple charger would look great on my nightside table and sense and sensibility is never a bad idea.

i have to add one kitchen item to this list - i am a personal chef and food blogger after-all. how have i lived this long without this herb mill? it claims to mince fresh herbs without bruising them.

of course this item is one my "keep dreaming" list. but if i happen upon my fairy godmother this month, i'll ask her for this tiffany rose gold cuff:

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