Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Things

since it's really too hot to cook, here are 5 things i am loving right now:

corn on the cob
maybe it's the farm girl in me, but i could eat corn on the cob every night for dinner. the key is not over cooking it. many boil it to death, but young, freshly picked corn is perfect in just 3 minutes. bring the water to boil, add the corn and set the timer for 3 minutes. when it beeps, take them out. place on a plate and cover with a tea towel until ready to serve (preferable immediately)! it's also fabulous raw in salads and grilled. yum!

neon colors 
yes i jumped on the neon bandwagon and am loving every second of it. i am crazy about these shocking pink shorts i got from j.crew (psst, they are currently on sale for $21). i like them so much i may or may not have just ordered neon yellow shorts too . . .

ice cream
or sorbet, frozen yogurt, or snow balls, milkshakes, or anything sweet and cold . . . frappuccinos, fruit smoothies, etc. you don't need an explanation why do you?

vinho verde
this young, crisp, light white wine with a touch of bubbles is perfect for summer. it's low alcohol content means E and i can finish off a bottle ourselves if we aren't keeping track.

the tomatoes in my parents garden are finally starting to turn red and i can't eat enough of them. tomato sandwiches for lunch, sliced tomatoes with freshly ground pepper for dinner, loads of tomatoes in my salad, caprese salad - dang this veggie (well, technically fruit) is summer to me. i think about my grandfather, who grew tomatoes and introduced me to the tomato sandwich, every time i bite into one.


it may be obvious from the photos in this post but i am currently loving the instagram photo ap. and yes, i do know this is #6. oh well.

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