Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kale, Apple, and Lemon Quinoa Salad - PW's Favorite Things Winner!

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. i actually didn't touch the computer for 2 whole days (except to skype with my brother). it felt so good.

i also think i ate my body weight in danish puff, cookies, beef tenderloin, potatoes, crab dip, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate eclairs, and birthday cake. i am going to need a serious detox after january 1st.

tonight i decided to try out a recipe i have had in an open tab for a couple weeks now - black quinoa and kale salad. the fundamentals sounded really good but along with the quinoa, kale, and apples, i decided to add feta, pecans, and tomatoes. i found these wonderful ripe, kumato tomatoes at wegmans and added them right in.

the salad was light yet hearty (if that is possible). the lemon vinaigrette over the quinoa was just enough for the salad. the crunch from the pecans and apples is just what the salad needed to compliment the lemon and feta. the colors were so vibrant, it was just was my abused tummy needed.

Kale, Apple, and Lemon Quinoa Salad
(adapted from green kitchen stories)
serves 4

1/2 cup red quinoa (cooked according to package directions)
juice of 1/2 lemon
5 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs dijon mustard
salt and pepper
5 large kale leaves, chopped
1 small apple, chopped
1/4 cup toasted pecans
2 roma or kumato tomatoes (or 10 cherry tomatoes)
1/3 cup crumbled feta

whisk together lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper. drizzle half over cooled, cooked quinoa. toss remainder of dressing with remainder of ingredients.

the winner of PW's favorite things giveaway is . . .

Ronda said... I am very thankful for my family and friend. I am also thankful that everyone is healthy this year. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

thanks to all who entered and congrats ronda! please email me your mailing address and i will get your goody box out to you as soon as possible.


  1. My quinoa salads have been light on the greens lately. I am a little bored with spinach. I will try adding kale to my next salad.

    This looks really good. I think I will be having quinoa salad for lunch. :)

  2. Hi Page!

    What a tasty looking salad. Perhaps a little healthier than your chocolate-covered bacon (but I'm sure equally delicious!)

    Funny you should mention the Kumato tomatoes. Another blogger just came across them too at Wegmans! http://www.sprigsofrosemary.com/2010/12/waiter-theres-kumato-in-my-salad.html

    It's always fun to try something new.

    Wishing You a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  3. apple in the salad sounds great. and it is tottaly new to me. thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year!


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